Celestial Stars Incense

Incense scents created for each individual star sign - can spot your star sign on the packet?

  • Aquarius Incense
    The Aquarian is creative, intellectual and cautious. The greatest need for these self-sufficient and self-assured people is the feeling of personal freedom and autonomy in their own lives. They dislike intensely anyone who tries to deceive them but if they feel someone to be sincere, they make the strongest and most faithful friends. This fragrance is balancing, earthy with a hint of rose, intense & deep – quite unique.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Aries Incense
    The Aries person is energetic, enthusiastic and positive. S/he is also very warm, generous and helpful. The Aries person will always be a stimulating companion with strong and positive influences. This fragrance is sweet, earthy & warm – complimenting the Aries person perfectly.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Cancer Incense
    The Cancer person is emotional, intuitive and maternal. Ruled by the Moon, the Cancerian will swing from one mood to the other, though expect a good business sense, original ideas and a good memory from the Cancerian. There is romance in the life of the Crab. This fragrance is cleansing, purifying, woody, clean oriental sandalwood.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Capricorn Incense
    The Capricorn person is practical, down to earth and responsible. Solid as a rock, the goat will triumph through all obstacles. They show wonderful patience to see them through, as long as they can see positive growth in themselves. Once committed to a partner they are faithful and good providers. This fragrance is clear, earthy, grounding, tenacious like the goat, sandalwood blend.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Gemini Incense
    The Gemini is communicative, intellectual, positive and changeable with the emphasis on changeable. However, when connected to their souls’ purpose in life, they are strong, dependable and enriching. This fragrance is earthy, grounding & enlivening.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Leo Incense
    The Leo person is energetic, enthusiastic, positive and practical.  They are born leaders and feel, (quite rightly so), that they belong at the top, however, being ruled by the Sun, their positive enthusiasm nearly always shines through. In relationships they are sincere, active and warmly affectionate. Leo fragrance is very earthy, sweet & fruity.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Libra Incense
    The Libran is intellectual, harmonious and communicative.  The most prominent quality of the true Libran is the need for constant balance – their ability to compare, see both sides of an argument and then the strong desire for justice. They enjoy & appreciate gentle people, harmonious situations and the good things of life. The Libran is always longing for a life-long partner and when found will be warmly affectionate, thoughtful and sincere in return. This is a healing/balancing fragrance, lavender & rose.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Pisces Incense
    The Piscean is emotional, sensitive and intuitive. They have strong humanitarian feelings, are kind and gentle and usually hold amazing empathy for others’ situations. You will recognize the Fish by their charming personality, good manners and great willingness to offer sympathy and help.  If you can catch these slippery Fish, they are very romantic, caring and thoughtful in their personal relationships. This fragrance is hot & sweet – a floral blend.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Sagittarius Incense
    The Sagittarian is energetic, enthusiastic and positive. They are very tolerant and broad-minded, always optimistic and have a great sense of humour.  They feel a strong need for freedom both physically and mentally. They make affectionate, warm partners. This fragrance is warm, semi-oriental, spicy-sweet.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Scorpio Incense
    The Scorpion is emotional, intuitive and cautious. Scorpions’ passionate involvement in everything leads them to works of greatness with high ideals and aspirations. They desire deep love from their partner and in return will be faithful and secure. This fragrance is hot & sweet & intense.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Taurus Incense
    The Taurean is practical, static and cautious. You can always tell the Bulls by their strong, silent attitude.  Usually they are patient, reliable and quite resistant to change. In relationships, they are warm-natured, affectionate and sensual. This Taurus fragrance is warm, spicy & sweet.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Virgo Incense
    The Virgo person is practical, adaptive, static and interested in communication. The latter is their great achievement, working methodically and logically through problems, taking great pleasure seeing order made from chaos. They are supportive & loving in relationships. This fragrance is a rich, powerful floral with an earthy base.
    NZ$ 3.60

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