Down To Earth Incense

Incense created to inspire us all to nurture our Mother Earth. Unique and divine new scents.

  • Autumn Leaves Incense
    Signifies new beginnings.  Helps to unblock negative ideas and energies.  Celebrate shifts in consciousness and welcome in the new.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Contentment Incense
    Soothing, meditative and calming to inner thoughts.  Stills a busy mind, excellent for over-active conditions.  Promotes inner happiness and peaceful contemplation.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Crystal Caves Incense
    Unique, vibrant, pure and clear.  Channels clear thoughts and aids divine wisdom to flow through
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Daydreams Incense
    Helpful in contacting your inner self, your world of dreams, hopes, goals and desires.  A fragrance of yester-year, bringing out the best from the past.  To remind us of the beauty of the planet in ages gone by.  If you wish to live simply, in harmony with life, then Daydreams is for you.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Earthy Retreat Incense
    Fresh and uplifting, deliciously reminiscent of the forests we visited as children – an earthy, green melody.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Eternity Incense
    A fresh, warm and uplifting fragrance.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Everest Incense
    Soothing and cleansing; promoting clarity and clear direction. Refreshing Pine helps to encourage simplicity and flexibility – hold the vision for your life.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Fascination Incense
    Fascination aids in understanding the complex yet amazingly simple patterns of nature, and allowing yourself the time to be fascinated by the sweet flowers of the fields.  Creatively beautiful, complex, yet simple.  Look at the everyday things around you and be fascinated by the natural designs of nature.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Frankincense Incense
    Product Description A hot, stimulating and creative scent. Expands spiritual growth and harmony.  Inspiring, celestial and beautiful.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Free Spirit Incense
    To remind you of your eternal nature.  Capturing the essence of life – reminding us to ‘smell the roses’.  Deliciously spicy and rich.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Gaia Incense
    One of our personal favorites.  Beautiful & delightful, created for viewing the earth as a living personal form – as a mother who nurtures us. This fragrance assists us in nurturing others, the planet and ourselves.  Enlivening, inspiring and calming.  Healing to troubled times, Gaia helps us develop loving relationships in our lives.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Gondwana Incense
    Healing the past, releasing grief and resentment; encouraging and renewing – allowing past anguish to resolve itself harmoniously.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Grey Dawn Incense
    Fun loving, joyful, deliciously young and vibrant.  Very popular with younger people.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Jasmine Incense
    The Queen of all fragrances – delightfully sweet, lingers on in your home, just a perfect scent when needing a refreshing change!  Signifies resolute determination, spirited individuality and embracing ‘your highest vision’.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Moonglow Incense
    An evening fragrance, high energy, assists you in connecting with your intuition.  Develops higher thoughts, and must be only used for good intentions.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Mystery (assorted) Incense
    A mystery package of 16 sticks, each one a sample of one of the 28 varieties available in this Down To Earth range.  Very popular! As an Oil it is uniquely fresh, sweet and refreshing!
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Purity Incense
    A fragrance that aids in opening the heart; drawing loving energy from the universe into your life. Helping to develop truth, honesty and commitment in your relationships.
    NZ$ 3.50
  • Radiance Incense
    Warm, purifying, of the sun.  Wonderfully rejuvenating on a cold day.  Encourages happy thoughts, when life feels cold and damp.  The male counterpart of Gaia (Mother Earth); a vibrant bounty from the sun, exploding the magnificence of the universe.
    NZ$ 3.50

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