Spiritual Sky Cones

Spiritual Sky Cones - the most well-known and traditional well-loved scents in a small but powerful cone size.

  • Sandalwood Cones
    The neutral flavor of Sandalwood is perfect for meditation and healing. Sandalwood is often a favorite with men as they enjoy it’s subtle fragrance. It is calming, balancing and harmonizing.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Patchouli Cones
    Often considered the King of all Incense, Patchouli is one of the deep, lingering and exotic aromas! A deliciously earthy scent.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Om Cones
    An exotic combination of Sandalwoods, Musks & other heavenly scents; deliciously intoxicating & very popular!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Mixed (assorted) Cones
    A combination package of 16 cones, each one a sample of one of the 24 varieties available in this Spiritual Sky range. Very popular & perfect for as a special gift!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Govinda Cones - NEW
    The smell of the Lord as described by ancient texts - divinely beautiful, with a lingering scent.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Amber Cones
    Intensely rich musky floral with woody undertones. Beautiful!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Blue Lotus Cones
    Everyone simply loves the uplifting effect of Blue Lotus. For someone who enjoys using Incense regularly this one is perfect!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Citronella Cones
    100% pure Citronella oil. Great for outdoor occasions. Excellent for beating the flies & bugs!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Enchantment Cones
    Pure Jasmine and gardenia, forest wood base note – takes you to an enchanted forest! Simply beautiful.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Frankincense Cones
    The original scent of the East, Frankincense is strong, yet subtle, it has the ability to spark creative talents. Use Frankincense when you want to write or draw.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Jasmine Cones
    The Queen of all Fragrances – delightfully sweet, lingers on in your home, just a perfect scent when needing a refreshing change!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Karma Devaya Cones
    An exotic, opulent and lingering fragrance. Use to encourage loving thoughts, feelings and new dates.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Lavender Cones
    This 100% pure Lavender is simply beautiful to wear but will also assist with anxiety, stress, emotional trauma, conflict and worry. For gentle peaceful feelings Lavender is the ‘Mother’ of all oils.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Musk Cones
    Beautifully earthy, deep base notes in Musk give that grounding feeling. Sensual and uplifting, great when outside is cold and damp!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Musk Rose Cones
    Enjoy the Rose flavor combined with the earthy Musky note; together they are really delicious!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Nag Champa Cones
    A sweet, rich and exotic scent, traditionally eastern.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Night Queen Cones
    A vibrantly sweet rich blend of resinous notes delicately balanced with rose and carnation.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Opium Cones
    Sensuously sweet and spicy, just perfect for intimate occasions!
    NZ$ 3.80

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