Spiritual Sky Cones

Spiritual Sky Cones - the most well-known and traditional well-loved scents in a small but powerful cone size.

  • Patchouli Musk Cones
    Beautiful sweet blend of Patchouli & Musk.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Peace Cones
    Sweet Spicy cinnamon top notes with Musky Woody bottom notes. Absolutely beautiful
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Strawberry Cones
    Yum! Fruity, young and refreshing. Choose Strawberry when your heart and home need a lift. It is excellent on a warm summer morning. Open the windows, let in the fresh air and burn some Strawberry!
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Sandalwood Cones
    The neutral flavor of Sandalwood is perfect for meditation and healing. Sandalwood is often a favorite with men as they enjoy it’s subtle fragrance. It is calming, balancing and harmonizing.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Sweet Musk Cones
    Musk with a lighter, sweeter fragrance – simply divine & one of our top favorites.
    NZ$ 3.60
  • Vanilla Cones
    Sweet, delicious, uplifting and carefree. Smells good enough to eat!
    NZ$ 3.60

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