Spiritual Sky Incense

Spiritual Sky Incense - the most well-known and popular incense since 1973! Traditional well-loved scents.

  • Whychwood Incense
    Very popular! Wychwood is a woody note with warm musky overtones. Another great one for cold winter evenings.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Oriental Sandalwood Incense
    The delightful aroma of Sandalwood with a hint of spice, just a nice change from straight Sandalwood.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Passion Incense
    Experience the joyful creation of fresh musky woods with spice. Absolute pleasure.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Pink Frangipani Incense
    A gentle hint of flowers – just gorgeous on a fresh Spring day!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Strawberry Incense
    Yum! Fruity, young and refreshing. Choose Strawberry when your heart and home need a lift. It is excellent on a warm summer morning. Open the windows, let in the fresh air and burn some Strawberry!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Oriental Musk Incense
    Younger people just love this delightful fragrance, sweet Musk with an oriental flavor!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Sweet Musk Incense
    Musk with a lighter, sweeter fragrance – simply divine & one of our top favorites.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Amber Incense
    Intensely rich musky floral with woody undertones. Beautiful!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Ambrosia Incense
    Encourages contemplation; inner emotional understanding. This is a tangy, mildly warm scent.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Citronella Incense
    100% pure Citronella oil. Great for outdoor occasions. Excellent for beating the flies & bugs!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Honey n Spice Incense
    A delightfully warm, spicy scent mixed with the rich full flavor of Manuka honey. Healing and cleansing. Inspires creativity.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Jasmine Incense
    The Queen of all Fragrances – delightfully sweet, lingers on in your home, just a perfect scent when needing a refreshing change!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Lavender Incense
    This 100% pure Lavender is simply beautiful to wear but will also assist with anxiety, stress, emotional trauma, conflict and worry. For gentle peaceful feelings Lavender is the ‘Mother’ of all oils.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Mogra Incense
    A unique, fresh, enriching scent. Jasmine and Boronia blended together to create a peaceful atmosphere. Linger in a scented garden and relax.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Musk Jasmine Incense
    A stimulating combination of gentle floral with a hint of musk. Pleasurable and inspirational.
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Musk Rose Incense
    Enjoy the Rose flavor combined with the earthy Musky note; together they are really delicious!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Paradise Incense
    Fresh, young and vibrant, a younger fragrance, great for eliminating strong odors in your home. Very good after a spring-clean!
    NZ$ 3.80
  • Quintessence Incense
    A healing, Egyptian blend. Dynamic yet subtle, capturing the essence of ‘life nurturing life’. Celebrate life by living each moment with gratitude.
    NZ$ 3.80

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